A Man That Holds My Heart

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Many people have ways of influencing others. Most people use words to affect other people. An amount of individuals would utilize their gift of persuasion to convince others of their causes or maybe arguments, while some use authority to force people to do as they are told. These several differences can apply to fathers as well. Not all fathers are similar when it comes to educating their children. Many are gentle, while some are more dominant. Randy T Caldwell, a somewhat young spirited middle aged man.

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Dark skinned with black Gucci frames to accommodate his big brown eyes. Standing 5’11, board shoulders, happy, loving, man of Christ and always seen with a look upon his face that means business falls under those descriptions of a father. My father is a man of many words. He is a very talkative man, somewhat quiet but only when listening to someone of when needed. He is not a very persuasive person like others, nor does he use authority to get his message across. All the lessons I’ve learned from my father were never taught in lectures or by long stories.

Instead, he gave me real life examples for me to follow. I learned everything I needed to know from my father, through his own life. It was the way he lived his poverty stricken and fearful life which taught me how to live a more effective, goal reaching, non-poverty stricken live. Indeed, my father was a man of many words and was a man of many words but yet he had a soft heart. My father has simple interests. He is very fond of watching college football, and often watches when he can. When he has time he would go hiking occasionally.

However, his favorite thing to do is go fishing. At such a young age, I was very fascinated with the fact that he would bring home huge, 10 foot long, stinky fish but I always loved it. Aside from being an outdoor, outgoing , talkative man ; my father was a man of Christ. Just like on the man that are always, dressed up , Stay Adams , the best pen striped suit, at the front of the church serving communion on first Sundays . That’s My Father! Even though he had a horrible, poverty stricken, gangster life as a child he is a firm believer in Christ.

He has not preached about his faith even though he is very talkative; he has never given lessons on religious and mortality. He just simply lived by example. Whenever faced with difficulty, he simply thinks about what Christ would do in a situation as such. It was one the most remarkable things I find remember able about him. In one instance, I went fishing with my father. I’m not really fond of the outdoors like he was, but I loved spending time with him. It had been raining earlier that morning, so the fishing area was wet.

He insisted we go to is regular spot so we did. It was under an old rugged beat down bridge that was covered with green algae. By the time we were done fishing we both were hungry. We proceeded to the nearest fast food place, which happened to be McDonald’s. As I ate my lunch it began to rain very badly; I than begin to look out the window at an old man whose clothes torn with the look of death in his eyes, standing in the middle of the parking lot. As my father made his way to the table where I was dining he caught my gaze.

He immediately re packed his Big Mac fully made all the way everything on it , his supersized fry, and even his drink and went right out the door. Just as hungry as he was he gave the old man his meal. On the way home my father said nothing. Again, he taught me a lesson through his own example. My father can be described as many things talkative, outgoing, loving, caring, and firm believer in Christ. But one thing he will always be described as to me would be the man that has taught me to be the best I can be. My father is a good father, he is rather different than other fathers; but that’s what makes him the best.