President of the English Department Student Association

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“There is no student incapable of learning, only teachers incapable of instruction. ” I became particularly enamored of this statement during my fourth year teaching. To raise the caliber of my instruction, to reside in a new cultural environment and broaden my horizons, and to facilitate a sincere desire to…

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Donald Patriquin

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Donald Patriquin was born on October 21, 1938, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. His love for music became particularly evident when he started to compose songs at the age of eleven. Although his passion for music never waned, he took a detour when he finished a biology course at Bishop’s University in…

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Alexander the great

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?The humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture, using methods that are primarily analytical,[citation needed] critical, or speculative, and having a significant historical element,[1] as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences. [1]The humanities include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, religion, andvisual and performing arts…

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Interview on High School Experience

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Russ Posten, neighbor and close family friend, entered the breakfast room of my house for the interview, happy and positive, true to his nature. Sitting down, eager to begin, he gave me a brief over-view of his life. He lived in California until fifth of sixth grade, when he moved…

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