Basic Economics.Which economic system is best suited for handling a crisis of epic proportions?

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Basic Economics Introduction Which economic system is best suited for handling a crisis of epic proportions?              In the incidence of hazards, disasters, threats  as well as handling crisis’s of epic proportions  such as hurricanes, fires, blizzards and floods among others, employment of the Socialist system helps managements at all…

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Communications & Crisis

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The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has begun to receive official reports stating that the public water supplies of several towns in the South East Texas (SET) area have become contaminated with life-threatening biological agents. As director of this office, it is my responsibility to address contingency plans within…

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Crisis Papacy

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The Middle Ages (1154-1485) was an era in European history when the western part of the Roman Empire began to break into smaller and weaker kingdoms (http://encarta. msn. com, n. d. , n. pag. ). It was also a “period of massive social change, burgeoning nationalism, international conflict, terrible natural…

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Crisis hostage management/criminal justice

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It is saddening when every day we read about reports of hostage taking happening all over the world. Reports from police intelligence departments across the world indicate that, hostage taking cases ranges from kidnapping of infants to taking hostage of crew of big water vessels, as is rampant along the…

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Impact of Grey Marketing on Indian Economy

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“An unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency Grey marketing (also sometimes known as “gray market”) involves the trade of legal goods through unauthorized, unofficial, and unintended channels of distribution. Hence, trademarked products are often exported…

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The Effects Of The Rising Chinese Economy To The Job Opportunies

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This topic first came to me while browsing the business section of a Border’s bookstore.  Admittedly, at the time, I was searching for ideas for the Research Seminar class.  I was looking for a subject area that met three requirements: it had to be a business-related topic, something that would…

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