President of the English Department Student Association

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“There is no student incapable of learning, only teachers incapable of instruction. ” I became particularly enamored of this statement during my fourth year teaching. To raise the caliber of my instruction, to reside in a new cultural environment and broaden my horizons, and to facilitate a sincere desire to…

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Theory Assignment- Enabling learning through assessment

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Unit 5 (424): Theory Assignment- Enabling learning through assessment 1. Describe, use and evaluate two different assessment activities used to check the learning of either individuals or a group of learners There are a variety of assessment activities that can be used to check the learning of either individuals or…

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New and Innovative teaching methodologies used in Teaching English

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A comparative study between Personality Development Approach and technical approach This paper is a research on the English teaching methodology used in Indian schools in the state of Andhra Pradesh. I have chosen my place of study as the West Godavari District. In this district, the students are a mix…

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Natural Language

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Natural language and Standard English can differ largely for obvious reasons. I grew up in a small town with a population of just 2,000 people. Most of the members of this small community were farmers and/or small business owners. For the most part, not many residents of this town have…

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Thesis about computer engineering

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1.1 Background of the Study Knowing the status of the academic performance of a student at the end of the semester will save time, money and the anxiety of the students. In this generation of information technology, computer is considered the lifeblood of society. This technology has changed the ways…

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Applied Linguistics

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Second language learning has always become an important work-field both in schools and other private sectors dealing with language teaching and learning process especially in the time of global integration. It is a complex activity involving a mix of internal factors such as age, aptitude, motivation, personality, or learning strategies…and…

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