Information Literacy for Open Distance Learners

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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ―Margaret Mead. In this fast moving world education is has become an essential things in human life. And today the technology has evolved so much that information is just a touch away. Narrowing down the technology development to the…

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The effectiveness of teaching using digital media among the students of virgen milagrosa 1st year computer science students”

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Today’s students inhabit a visual, networked culture. They connect and communicate with their peers and the public through digital media. Many assume that these “digital natives” are fully literate with regard to media; however, we believe that students need guidance, support and inspiration to realize their full academic potential with…

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Computer Literacy

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Thou shall not vandalize Web pages. Thou shall not shut down Web sites. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s MP3s. FBI agents are spreading a new gospel to parents and teachers, hoping they’ll better educate youths that vandalism in cyberspace can be economically costly and just as criminal as mailbox…

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I. Mass Media Effect on Children’s and Teens’ Body Image Outline Mass media outlets of all forms effect adolescent girls’ and young women’s body image negatively. Be it via magazine, television, movies, advertisement, or other sources, girls and young women are bombarded with mass media constantly that contain hidden messages…

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Individual Interview Reflections: The Role of a Teacher in Literacy Learning

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Literacy learning is a complex endeavor; it is faced by numerous challenges that range from the materials used to methods of teaching/learning applied to teachers’ personalities to peer influence among the students and the deluge in technological stimulus among other factors. My interview with Edith A. Diaz, PHD, CSC, and…

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How Television Media Violence Influences Deviant Behavior, Specifically Criminal Behavior

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People watch television as way of relaxing. While there are many educational and entertaining programs on television, there is a lot of negativity in the form of sex and violence. Television programs are not without some king of violence. Since most people spend the bulk of their inactive time relaxing…

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The professional adults

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In the society, there is a notion that only the professional adults have an understanding of financial matters like budgeting. But in Ohio, a different turn was made so to cross boundaries. Most people take for granted the thought of having financial literacy. According to the article, financial literacy was…

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