Do Illegal workers help or hurt the economy

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While growing up in Mexico, I heard many stories of people who were going to work in the United States, some illegally, so they could provide a better life for their families. To them, they were going to the land of opportunity, where jobs were plentiful for people who were…

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My (Not So Unique) Holiday Family Traditions

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When our Sociology class was assigned to write about family traditions, I instantly became nervous because I couldn’t think of one tradition off the top of my head that was special and unique to my family. I sat there and wondered, should I tell the truth and reveal the fact…

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My Definition of the American Dream

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We all have seen the magazines, ads, and commercials displaying the typical American family. We see a mom, dad, two kids and the pet dog, which is usually a lab mix. In the background there’s the beautiful house and the white picket fence. Everyone looks happy and satisfied with life.…

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A Dysfunctional Family

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Families are supposed to be there for each other and what have you. The families of today are more or less normal, but in the book The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams the Wingfield family is very dysfunctional. What makes this family dysfunctional are the members of it, such as…

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Biopsychosocial Analysis of Maria Andrade

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Maria Andrade is 79 years old. She came to America as a Cuban refugee at the age of 20. She was raised by her grandparents in Cuba. She began working at the age of 14. When she arrived in Miami, she was able to obtain part time employment and immediately…

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Sylvia Plath’s Psychic Landscapes

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In the following essay, I will examine the development of Plath’s poetry through analysis of major themes and imagery found in her description of landscapes, seascapes, and the natural world. Following the lead of Ted Hughes, critics today tend to read Sylvia Plath’s poetry as a unity. Individual poems are…

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The Weakening of the Family Structure

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Many expert sociologists have alluded to a weakening of the family structure of the years. In an effort to determine if their findings are true, the factors that influence the deterioration have to be examined. Such factors as unemployment, welfare, and the entertainment industry play a major role in the…

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Gender Discrimination

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Good Morning class. So, today I am going to enlighten you on the topic Gender Discrimination and how it has affected our society in general. But, before I elaborate further I would like to give you a brief and separate understanding of “Gender” and “Discrimination” as independent words. There is…

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