United States Maintain the embargo against Cuba

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Fidel Castro seized control of the Cuban government in 1959, and set out to change relations with the United States. As relations declined with the United States, the Cuban government developed stronger ties with the Soviet Union, and became a communist country. In response to this intent, the United States…

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The Place of Scripture in Evangelical Thought

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As part of the Christian faith during 18th century revivals, three practices evolved forming their own interpretation on the place and authority of Scripture in Christian faith. The first of these were the Liberals who “viewed themselves as the saviors of a defunct out of date Christianity,” they wanted to…

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What Is Literature

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I am grateful for help with this book from many people, especially Julian Wolfreys, Jason Wohlstadter, and Barbara Caldwell, my “Senior Editor” and invaluable assistant at the University of California, Irvine. I thank Simon Critchley for ? rst suggesting that I might write this book for the series he edits,…

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Martin’s Luther King Jr. Strugle for Racial Segregation and Civil Rights

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Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most important figures within the fields of politics and non-violent activism of the 20th century. King was born on 15th of January 1929 in the city of Atlanta within the boundaries of the state of Georgia. Originally Martin Luther King Jr. as…

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Eiffel Tower

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College — the important four-year period in which a student grows in knowledge of their preferred career and steeps in new and different experiences. It is important for me to leave college with a close community, a better knowledge of my future job, and the experience of studying abroad. These…

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Indian Institutes of Management and Interview

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With academic internships on Internshala (likes of CERN, JNCASR, EPFL etc.) ruling the roost, we have been inundated with requests for tips on how to write an impressive Statement of Purpose (SOP). The kind which grabs selection committee’s attention and forces them to accept you in one go. We present,…

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Our Dwelling Place: The Calling of the Christian Entrepreneur

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The founder of local grocery chain, Ukrop’s, Joseph Ukrop was devoted to his vocation of being Richmond’s local grocer. He put community first and used his grocery stores to build community. His legacy of entrepreneurship in Richmond was characterized by a distinct commitment to the Christian principles. For example although…

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