Case Study: Tracey

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Transitioning to adulthood can be stressful and challenging for all, but for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their caregivers transitioning to adulthood can provoke feeling of uncertainty or even fear. People with ASD function at different levels and require varying degrees of care. There should be an…

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Noise pollution: Physical effects of noise pollution and governmental restrictions on it

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Running head: NOISE POLLUTION PAGE 1 Noise pollution: Physical effects of noise pollution and governmental restrictions on it NOISE POLLUTION PAGE 2 Physical effects of noise pollution and governmental restrictions on it. “Pollution being the most dangerous problem Likes cancer in which death is sure but slow.” Deepak Miglani. Who…

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Issues Facing Latino Immigrants in Today’s Political Climate

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The United States is a country built on immigration, both legal and illegal. One of the most influential groups in terms of immigration in America is the Latin American demographic. Latin Americans influence everything from their local economies, politics, culture and society in general. There are a number of arguments…

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The In-house Handling of NCAA Rule Violation

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Critical issues in sports are exemplified even in the modest inter-collegiate setting. In fact, concerns and scandals are not exclusive to professional sports and big athletic associations. This is because sports-related problems and most importantly, violations rampantly exist right inside the college premises. Such grave incidents of violation, either of…

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Life before meeting Mike

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Living each day with fear, unhappiness and without peace of mind was an experience that has taunted me when I started studying Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University. Adjusting to the environment of homophobia and discriminating behavior gave me a feeling that I was extremely different from the rest of…

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Higher education

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College and high school have the same goal; which is to educate students and give them knowledge that will help them along the way in life. They both allow for growth and development, but have two completely different experiences. While high school is mandatory and helps prepare students for college…

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Family and Childcare Issues for Single Head of Households

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Child care issues greatly affect families in the low-income bracket. This means families earning less than 200% of poverty. Parents in this category usually find themselves less able to lead productive lives in relation to retaining employment. Disruptions in work schedules, including but not limited to absenteeism occur when parents…

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