Scheme of work – Cambridge InternationalA

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Scheme of work – Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language (9093) Overview This scheme of work provides ideas about how to construct and deliver a course. The syllabus has been broken down into teaching units with suggested teaching activities and learning resources to use in the classroom. Recommended…

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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First published in England in 1997 as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the book quickly became wildly popular. The next year saw its publication in the United States, this time titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, receiving critical acclaim and several awards. I would rate this book 9…

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Good Readers Good Writers V

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“Good Readers and Good Writers” (from Lectures on Literature) Vladimir Nabokov (originally delivered in 1948) My course, among other things, is a kind of detective investigation of the mystery of literary structures. “How to be a Good Reader” or “Kindness to Authors”—something of that sort might serve to provide a…

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Louisa May Alcott: Life and Work

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Louisa May Alcott is a female American Novelist born on November 29, 1832 and in Germantown, Pennsylvania (“Louisa May Alcott”). She had three sisters, a philosopher/teacher for a father, and a loving Mother (“Louisa May Alcott”). Her family is said to be her primary inspiration for her success in literature…

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Academic Success

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The first time I went to college, I dropped out after one semester. Convinced I both wanted and needed a college degree, I tried again. And again. And again. For me, it took five attempts at college before I eventually earned my first degree. I have written this book for…

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Teenagers: Reading and Fantasy Books

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Why should teachers use children? s literature, especially fantasy books, in TEFL at basic schools? Is it good or useful to use fantasy books and literary texts with teenagers at basic schools? Is there any relationship between literature and the study of language? Are teenagers at basic schools able to…

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Creative Writing and High School

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Creativity is Everything: You can Make Writing Fun by being Creative If someone was to come up to me and ask me what kind of writer I am, I’d say that I someone who enjoys making up fairy tales along with reading and watching movies about fairy tales. I am…

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