Biofoam: Not Just Peanuts

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Summer Internship Program State bank of India 7/27/2013 [Type the author name] A SUMMER INTERNSHIP REPORT ON Merchant Acquiring Business Point of Sale (P.o.s.) Submitted to L.J. Institute of Management studies In requirement of partial fulfillment of Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) 2 year full time Program of Gujarat Technological…

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Statement of Purpose

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The guiding principle of my life is to have passion for my work. I strongly believe in undertaking activities that I enjoy, so that I can channelise all my energies in one direction and persevere in a dedicated manner. I believe in a life by choice, not by chance. Convergence…

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The Road to Mecca

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Synopsis Set in a small village in the semi-desert Karoo region of South Africa, The Road To Mecca is the story of Miss Helen, an artist trying to survive in an isolated community, and her two friends: Marius, the local clergyman, and Elsa, a progressive school teacher from the city.…

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Breaking Binaries in The Odyssey: An Exploration The New Woman in The Penelopiad

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In the Homeric Epic, women are cast into one of two dichotomous roles: that of the wise and faithful or that of the foolish and disloyal. However in Atwood’s The Penelopiad these roles are deconstructed such that they become fluid as opposed to concrete—such that the women do not wholly…

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School level to the University level

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The book Enrique’s journey by Sonia Nazario is a tale of migration that won the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing giving consideration to high literary quality and originality in 2003. It tells the tale of a teenager from Honduras who travels into the heart of America illegally, in search of…

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Understanding Cross-Cultures: U.S. vs. China

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With the latest innovation and technology, people around the world are interconnected. In just a click away, everything seems easy to access. Communication is within one’s reach. Nations globally share knowledge and information. Building relationships and stronger ties among states of different backgrounds is possible as countries learn the basic…

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Parting The Waters

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The book “Parting the Waters” by Taylor Branch not only highlights the life and times of Martin Luther King Jr. , but also shows the parallel course King’s life took with the civil rights movement and even before it. This book provides a historical look at the Civil Rights Movement…

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