Philosophy in our daily lifes

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This essay will discuss how can we apply metaphysics to our daily life as students, including activities and philosophical situations that take place through the week. The writing will have a special focus on metaphysics, on how it highly impacts and relates to a high school student’s daily life, by…

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The revolutionary war

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The Revolutionary War created the pathway to what we are now. We became independent and it gave us freedom from Britain’s King. The war led us to the new life we wanted without control of outside countries. But without the encouragement of writers to help us in our time of…

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History &The Philosophies of Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment, also named the Age of reason, was an era for the period of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The term “Enlightenment” also specifically talks about a rational movement. Moreover, this movement provided a basis for the American and French Revolutions. During this period, philosophers started to realize that…

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A History of Greece

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Western Civilization owes much of its development to Greek history because most of the current principles and knowledge of man was derived from this ancient culture. The foundations of mathematics, science, medicine, philosophy, politics and even the different forms of art nowadays were first established long before Christ was born…

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Crime is Socially Constructed by Society

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Crime does not naturally occur. It arises due to its necessity in certain areas. In other words, it is socially constructed by the residents of crime ridden areas who live in societies that have criminal abilities. This is due to a number of factors, but most importantly, crime arises in…

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Morrison and the Intersections of my Life

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When I was younger I recall the haunting yet beautiful music of the Doors, led by Jim Morrison. I would feel connected to the music that I heard, but barely took the time to pause in my effort to understand the man behind the music. It was only when I…

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