Conducting a management project

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Introduction The project, as requested by the manager; is to come up with the ways that my team can make more savings in the company for the company and for their own growth. This was because the company has not been making savings as they had targeted in the beginning…

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Principles and practces of management

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Q1)What are the fundamentals of staffing and manpower? Explain the different methods of selection recruitment, training and development. FUNDAMENTALS OF STAFFING Any organisational fabrication requires a variety of people, and the supply of people consists of differing types. The staffing function includes the process by which the right person is…

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Statement: Human Resource Management

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Quotes the famous General Colin Powell, giving hope and a new dimension to people in distress to look up to fulfill their dreams despite the many roadblocks in front of them. One cannot pursue his dream…

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Ebt Classroom Management

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This is a free additional chapter for ‘Evidence Based Teaching’ by Geoff Petty (2006) Nelson Thornes. It can be downloaded from www. geoffpetty. com. The book as a whole combines and summarises research on which teaching methods and strategies work best, and explains these strategies with examples. See the notes…

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Change Management

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1.1 Introduction Barack Obama started his election campaign with a plan to renew America’s promise with the words “Change we can believe in”. His Presidential campaign was marked by changes. He wanted to change a nation and its way of acting. Throughout the campaign, Obama’s changes were aimed towards bringing…

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Management Information System

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Answer: MIS is popularly known as the Management Information System. MIS is considered as one such method of generating information which is used by management of organization for decision Making, control of activities, operations etc. During the period 1940 to 1960 computers were commercially used for census and payroll work.…

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Library management system

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Introduction Library management system is an aspect or branch of information management system that keeps the records of both the library users, books in the library and the activities that is going on in the library, activities like borrowing books and returning books. Information management in general is the collection…

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Stress and Anger Management and Communication Styles

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College Education is the end of uphill battle for students. These vital and rigorous educations provide greater opportunities in life. A lot of hardships are faced by college students and stress is one major factor that contributes to it. Mismanagement of stress causes burnouts. Common factors of stress are time…

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