The effectiveness of teaching using digital media among the students of virgen milagrosa 1st year computer science students”

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Today’s students inhabit a visual, networked culture. They connect and communicate with their peers and the public through digital media. Many assume that these “digital natives” are fully literate with regard to media; however, we believe that students need guidance, support and inspiration to realize their full academic potential with…

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Factors that Relate to Student Persistence in a Two-Year Vocational Program at a Community College

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Student persistence is one of the many factors that educators try to consider in the goal making students succeed in their education. Schools cater to the academic needs of students and it is the primary role of schools to provide education to children, but nowadays there have been a number…

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Importance of Composition courses for First Year Students

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An important aspect of education is to enable students to read, write and think critically, so that they develop these vital skills. There is substantial debate over composition courses for first year students and the overall purpose of these courses. Proponents argue that these courses are essential to engage students…

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Students Social Lifestyle and First Year Average Exam Grade

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The Relationship between a Students Social Lifestyle and First Year Average Exam Grade Alternate Hypothesis: There is a relationship between a Students social lifestyle and their first year average exam grades Null Hypothesis: There is no relationship between a Students social lifestyle and first year average exam grades Introduction The…

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Public Policy on Business Competition

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Summary American businesses have been at a disadvantage from their foreign competitors due to the flawed economic system and the capitalist economy of the country. The foreign companies have been continuously improving their efficiency and effectiveness in relation to their American counterparts which means that they have now become more…

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The Effect of Poor Lightning Condition on Spelling Performance in 3rd Year Psychology Students

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The study was conducted to assess the disruption of cognitive performance such as spelling proficiency in a classroom with poor lighting condition. The participants were 31 students, who participated for course credit. It was hypothesized that participants undergoing the spelling test with poor lighting would report low results. The result…

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Competition Energy Drinks

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The beverage industry, like most food service industries in these economic times, faces many challenges. Not one company is excluded from the challenges of economic conditions, demographics, social and global forces, and regulatory, political, and legal factors. The global economic conditions affect the energy drink industry in many ways. This…

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