The Ideology of Pakistan

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Q1. Write down the aims & objectives of the creation of Pakistan? Ans. Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. The Muslims of India had scarifies there wealth honour & life to make a Pakistan reality. Struggle for attainment of Pakistan started very after the war of independence 1857.…

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Diversity in The Workplace

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Diversity has several definitions. According to Schmidle (2010), workplace diversity is a people issue, focusing on the differences and similarities that people bring to an organization. It is usually defined broadly to include dimensions beyond those specified legally in equal opportunity and affirmative action non-discrimination statues. Diversity is often interpreted…

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Family Approach Research Paper

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Abstract This research paper will in detail find influences donating to the degeneration of African American marriages, increase of African American divorces, and how structural family therapy can impact it. Structural Family Therapy was developed by Salvador Minuchin and his associates in the 1960s due to the growing curiosity in…

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The Hidden Minority

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Upon hearing multicultural counseling, culturally diverse counseling, or counseling of diverse populations most people may think of groups that differ from the dominant culture in our society, such as, race, culture, ethnicity, etc. Many people do not think beyond these categories to consider a second tier of diversity, for instance,…

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HRMG Midterm

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When a company experiences a financial setback of the magnitude that More Beer, Incorporated had after its failed venture into internet marketing, it sometimes becomes necessary to reduce the workforce in order to mitigate the losses. The Human Resources (HR) Department faced a very difficult decision in choosing whom to…

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The Weakening of the Family Structure

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Many expert sociologists have alluded to a weakening of the family structure of the years. In an effort to determine if their findings are true, the factors that influence the deterioration have to be examined. Such factors as unemployment, welfare, and the entertainment industry play a major role in the…

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Power & Duties of a Social Worker

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This paper discusses and explores both case studies in order to find the powers and duties a social worker acting in a statutory capacity might exercise in these cases, how might they be exercised and how might wider principles of welfare law impact on their decision making? It also analyses…

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