Couples Therapy

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In any marriage relationship, it is usual or rather natural to have some adjustments in its early stage. This is so because there is a high degree of expectations in both parties; and so, because these expectations are mostly “unrealistic,” to modify or adjust them are somewhat difficult to both…

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History and Philosophy

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The Federalist is the greatest contribution ever made on the Constitution of United States. According to Chief Justice John Marshall in the case Cohen’s v. Virginia (1821) ‘The Federalist is a complete commentary on our Constitution. ’ Since 1790 lawyers, politicians, students and even judges have all studied The Federalist…

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Understanding Cross-Cultures: U.S. vs. China

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With the latest innovation and technology, people around the world are interconnected. In just a click away, everything seems easy to access. Communication is within one’s reach. Nations globally share knowledge and information. Building relationships and stronger ties among states of different backgrounds is possible as countries learn the basic…

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Crisis hostage management/criminal justice

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It is saddening when every day we read about reports of hostage taking happening all over the world. Reports from police intelligence departments across the world indicate that, hostage taking cases ranges from kidnapping of infants to taking hostage of crew of big water vessels, as is rampant along the…

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Academic degree

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Healthcare Basics – What to Know Before Pursuing a Health Career Decide Which Health Career is Best for You Healthcare Employers – Where to Work in the Medical Industry Medical Education – Training and Education Required for Health Careers Paying for Education Costs – How to Pay for Your Healthcare…

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Hilkevich & exegesis

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Hilkevich (2005) defines exegesis as the process of drawing meaning of texts from the scripture. The Bible as the word of God is a collection of 66 books which were written at different times by different authors. Murrell (2009) 2 says authors of the Bible “did not rely upon some…

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Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks

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The United States of America is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential nations around the world. Thanks to the success of the people of history in which they did not cease to achieve the goals and missions for the American’s sake. They have made unforgettable events,…

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