Case Study: Tracey

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Transitioning to adulthood can be stressful and challenging for all, but for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their caregivers transitioning to adulthood can provoke feeling of uncertainty or even fear. People with ASD function at different levels and require varying degrees of care. There should be an…

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COM 200 Communication building a Relationship

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Communication is going to be the cornerstone of any relationship; trust is going to be the heart of what makes any relationship beat and overwhelming love will be how any relationship will last. Taking the opportunity to learn more in depth about your interpersonal relationship with yourself and your partner…

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Famous Thinkers: Steven Spielberg & Grace Hopper

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Famous thinkers can come from all walks of life and can be from our generation and others. Reaching goals can be done in many ways. The similarity famous thinkers is that they are all share creative minds and are all creative thinkers. Creative ideas are the foundation of creative process…

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There are two concepts one should talk about when approaching the subject of immigration and how it applies to a minority: integration and assimilation. Integration is the acceptance of a country’s laws and basic principles while keeping a distinct cultural identity. By contrast, assimilation requires adopting the majority’s customs, values…

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European contact with native North Americans

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On October 12, 1492, the loud words ring across the deck “Land Ho”. After 70 long days at sea a tattered bunch of sea dogs jump down into a small rowboat and work there way ashore. The man in charged is named Christopher Columbus. Have you ever wondered what the…

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Poverty and Children in the United States

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Poverty is the classification of people that fall under a certain income bracket set by the government. Poverty is broken down in to two groups relative and absolute. Relative poverty is in relation to some people have more where as absolute poverty is considered life-threatening. Poverty affects people of age,…

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Gender Bias In The Workplace And Pay Inequalities

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In 1972, the government attempting to correct discrimination in the workplace passed the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. This act protects individual rights and promotes employment opportunities and fairness for everyone within the workplace (Klingner & Nalbandian, 1998, p. 158). This act should have eliminated gender bias and pay inequities, but…

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Race & Ethnicity: Effects on Life

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Ethnicity and race has had a big influence on peoples’ every day life choices. In some way or another, most people will be judged according to their color of their skin or their ethnic background. We live in a society full of different races and cultures affecting the way we…

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Bad communication and father/son relationships

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“Exactly what kind of stupid shit have I gotten myself into this time?” I asked my father. “Don’t worry, it only gets worse … er … better I mean,” he replied. “Growing up I invariably figured the two of you knew inherently how to raise us, now I question my…

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