Library System

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Library is regarded as the brain of many institutes. Library system project offers many flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency. Library System gives all detailed information about students, staff and books. It will track on how many books are available in the…

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Social Networking At its Worst

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Most people in the world rely on their phones to talk to someone unfortunately we live in a world where communication all takes place through a piece of technology. Whether it is through a simple text message or social networking site we’ve come to revolve around social networks like Facebook,…

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Volunteers and Decision Making

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The purpose of this study is to explore and converse about the role of volunteers within the for-profit and non-profit organizations and examine their influence on organizational decision making. According to Lawrence and Weber, (2011), a volunteer is a person who donates his/her time or efforts for a cause or…

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Social Networking Sites

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Social networking websites, such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, have blown up immensely in just a short span of about 5 years; most people nowadays have found that these and other social networking sites have become a “necessity” in their lives and must constantly be checking in on them. Social…

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Equal Exchange: Trading Fairly and Making a Profit

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I, Executive Summary Equal Exchange is a for-profit Fair-trade worker-owned, cooperative company. Founded in 1986, it is the oldest and largest Fair Trade coffee company in the United States. Equal Exchange began with $100,000 as started up funds and a 2,000-quare-foot room in Boston’s South End. It purchased coffee beans…

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Burn out of social workers in the work place

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Social workers are people committed to better the lives of others and this is done through varying capacities. Some work with families, children as well as in school while others work in the medical field especially those dealing with mental health. They assist people to amicably deal with domestic conflicts,…

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Power & Duties of a Social Worker

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This paper discusses and explores both case studies in order to find the powers and duties a social worker acting in a statutory capacity might exercise in these cases, how might they be exercised and how might wider principles of welfare law impact on their decision making? It also analyses…

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Social Movements

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The black struggle for civil rights are tracing their origins back to the arrival of the first Africans in America and also to their work in manufacturing firms, plantations and homes of Americans Taylor, (2000). The civil rights were born as labour movements to fight for the alienated immigrants to…

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