Week 4 discussion questions

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Describe a time when your assumption about a situation was incorrect. What do you think led to your incorrect assumption? How did your assumption interfere with your ability to think critically about the situation? A: When I first became a student at the University of Phoenix I assumed that I would take class in the morning once a week. What lead me to believe this assumption was that I thought it would be like any other normal college. This assumption affected my ability to think because I originally set my mind to morning mode, when class was night.

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Use your favorite Internet search engine to locate three automobile commercials. Identify a fallacy used in each commercial. How are these fallacies used in the commercials? Why do you think they were included? A in the first commercial Toyota Camery, they focus more on the acting scene then promoting the Camary. They make it seem like those situations happen.

The second commercial was a mustang commercial. the fallacy is that they make people believe that by having that care it makes you look cool that way people can go out and buy it. The third was a fiat commercial, they say that the interest and payments are low and no credit check, but once your in the dealer none of what the commercial promoted is applied. They do this type of advertisement to try an get the consumer to buy and to make the commercial interesting and so the audience is engaged.

How might you use critical thinking to help someone who is struggling with low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth to see beyond the media messages they receive on a daily basis? A: The best thing that I can do to help someone is by giving them my self knowledge and what I know about it. that no one is perfect and there is no need to follow what celebertys do because its all show. We can then discuss this particular topic, then research about it and show what the consequences and lead to.

In his inaugural speech, President Kennedy used means of persuasion to win over his supporters and those who were possibly dissatisfied with his election. Suppose you opposed President Kennedy’s ideas and wanted to find fault with his speech. What steps would you take to evaluate his arguments? A: I would carefully listen to what the speech is about and carefully go over it and find simple cons and consequences to a particular topic that he addresses or want s to make happen.

Reading, re-reading, looking for main points, researching, questioning, and finding information that is opposed to what he thinks he can make happen. How do you think being open to criticism might help you solve problems in your daily life? Being open to criticsm can help in my daily life because I can simply take that criticsm and use it in a positive way to improve myself in any situation.

What types of questions would you use as you talk with her to help her make a decision based on critical thinking rather than emotion? Why are questions such a valuable aspect of critical thinking? A: I would help her focus more on the facts and details rather than the emotional part on how she feels. After focusing on the facts she can develop feelings towards it that are positive. Asking questions are important because once they are answered they can change a persons perspective on a certain topic.